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Jade’s List of Productivity Over Easter Holiday:

1) Update my tumblr tags which I haven’t categorized since January

2) Begin clearing out my Drafts and placing the appropriate posts into my Queue

3) Watch a crap load of The Colbert Report (you know, for research)

4) Consider starting “Mad Men”

5) Go online shopping and almost bought a $50 dress that I’ve been thinking about buying since Oct then realize I don’t have money to blow on things like that which is why I’ve waited 6 months already and I can wait a bit more anyways, right?

6) Update my facebook/tumblr/twitter/spotify etc profiles in both appearance and profile picture (ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS!)

7) Read a bunch of fanfiction

8) Think about doing homework which includes the following: 1) A ten-page paper on Martin Scorsese and his “autuer status” 2) Edit my ten-page paper on Kierkegaard 3) Listen to 15 hours worth of lectures 4) Watch two movies with strong female characters and write a 10 page comparison paper on said films focusing on women’s issues 5) Catch up on all my “Film History” textbook reading which I put off all semester

9) Worry about finding a job over the summer holidays to pay for a foreign exchange trip

In other news, I was invited as part of a small group discussion to talk with Josh Radnor (Ted from “How I Met Your Mother”!) about “deep stuff” on May 8th!!




This show is incredible in a thousand ways but I think the best thing about it is how timeless it is. Two decades later, you can still watch the first seasons and completely connect to how real the characters are, the problems they face, the milestones they overcome. I never watch it and think how dated or irrelevant it is, because everything in the show still relates to people today. I think it’s the one comedy that’s really stood the test of time and that’s what makes it really special

harry potter meme ϟ  nine relationships  (9/9) -  fred and george